Simple Tips to Make Your Presentation Look More Professional

Design Sep 14, 2020

I recently sent out a small teaser deck for potential client about presentation design work. In this post, I'll describe some of the tactics I used.

The cover slide is very simple, mostly slides from a deck I designed previously. I used only slides from one presentation so that they would look consistent. This client would have used similarly content-heavy slides so I tried to match the examples to their reality. The small colored triangles, drop shadows and the angle were added to add a bit of visual interest.

I'm using a custom font in this presentation. For corporate presentations, you often can't pick the typeface. Still, text is the most common element in presentations, and typography is the most influential design choice.

This deck uses a monochromatic color scheme. By adjusting the saturation and brightness, you can create multiple colors from one hue. These colors will always look good together.

I gave the content background colors to divide the sections. This layout resembles a bulleted list, but instead of bullets I'm using icons (note: it's very important that your icons are from the same set!).

On this slide, the theme continues – white "anchors" on the left, content on the right. The rectangular visual language continues troughout this presentation. This is known as visual consistency.

I'm not very happy with the way this slide looks, but I guess the content is more important here. There's even a cropping error in my picture – on the previous slide I wrote I wrote my designs are pixel-perfect. Whoops!

The next slide continues with rectangles and iconography. If you go for something like this, remember to use the align and size tools so that everything is perfectly sized and centered.

Often, what makes a slide look good is a good balance between content and whitespace. Here I think the balance is pleasing to the eye. The icons could be a bit better matched, but ain't nobody got time for that.

In the final slide, I have some photos. The background color is toned down as to not compete with the colors in the pictures. Otherwise, I'm just repeating my initial design with the rectangles, just placed differently.

Kerkko Visuri

Product guy from Finland. Previously @ Wolt and BCG. I like distance running, good books and cooking.